We have been getting lots of great questions from our friends and family about what this adoption process will look like for us! If you’ve been curious, I am more than happy to answer!

So, granted, I don’t even have answers to most questions because I’m just as confused as the next guy. LOL! A lot of this is still up in the air and we won’t know until we actually walk through it.

Do you want a boy or a girl?

We have no preference and we did not specify a gender. We all have our little hopes, just like a physically pregnant mama, daddy and siblings might, but we didn’t care that strongly to box ourselves in.

How old will the baby be?

We were required to put an age that we would be willing to parent, as difficult as it is to imagine saying NO to a child one month older or younger, but we agreed between the ages of one and four. That is not definite, to be honest, we have to do our home study still and we will ask they give us the widest parameters they can.

When will you bring him/her home?

Haiti is averaging about three years right now.

What are the next steps?

In a very broad description, we will do our home study and complete our dossier to be sent to the Haitian government. Once that is all approved… we wait. and wait. and wait. About two years from NOW, we will prayerfully be matched with our child and be able to travel immediately to meet him/her and spend two weeks bonding in country on the property. Once we return to the U.S., we are looking at another year before we can return to pick him/her up and bring him/her home to be with his/her forever family!

Are you excited?


How are you feeling?

Overwhelmed. Sad. Thankful. Blessed. Happy. Wishful. Optimistic. Nervous. Seriously, I could go on. But guess what, GOD IS GOOD and HE’S GOT THIS and we are taking it one step at a time and praying that we find joy in each and every painfully slow moment!

How can I pray for you?

Please be praying that if our child is born, he or she is being loved on in the best way possible. Please pray for his/her birth family, that they can feel a peace from Jesus that their child’s future family will love them fiercely. Pray for finances and that God would continue to provide for us. Pray that our hearts (mommy, daddy and siblings) are being made ready to put in all of this blessed work!

Thanks for reading! Will chat soon!


So. Much. Love.

These last few weeks have been pretty incredible. Apparently, our announcement has lead to some great discussions within other families about whether adoption might be right for them! Praise God for that! International adoption has reached the lowest mark since 1981!  According to one statistic, only 2% of the folks that investigate adoption actually DO IT. There are plenty of reasons for that, I’m sure, the cost being one BIG factor. I’ve said it before but adoption is expensive. Like really expensive. When all is said and done, we are looking at about $40K in expenses and I would be completely lying if I said that when we saw the breakdown of fees, I didn’t have a mini HUGE panic attack. I was almost in the 98%. But my husband is a lot more even-keeled than I am and he spoke so much encouragement and life into my worry. We realize that we are CALLED for this and God will provide! There are plenty of fundraisers that we can do, but we wanted to focus on just a few and see what Go can do!

Many of you know, I started the FB group, Follow Us to Haiti, with a goal of $100 a week! Let me tell you, because of every one of you, we are smashing that goal every.single.week! It’s seriously incredible! I am literally in tears each Wednesday because of the generosity and LOVE being poured out on us! I truly can never thank you all enough.

We are also planning a Puzzle Piece fundraiser where we will ask for you to sponsor a piece (or two or ten… WHATEVER you feel lead to do) of our puzzle. The beauty of this is your name will be written on the back and once it’s complete, we will be able to look back and see all of those that helped us complete our puzzle. Such a beautiful visual that will be! Stay tuned for that! Will be lots of fun!

I also have a really neat surprise for those on the FB page in the next Upload Wednesday! A couple of very, incredible friends have generously donated items to be auctioned off! This is such a blessing and I am, again, so touched! This next Wednesday, I will be putting the items up and allowing bidding on them!

The first is one of THREE gift certificates donated by my great friend Erika from LulaRoe – Copper & Grey! Her FB page is here, https://www.facebook.com/groups/lularoe.erika/. She has donated three gift certificates to her shop and if you haven’t tried LuLaRoe, you’re missing out! The stuff is AMMMMMMAAAAAAAZING!

The second is from a wonderful sister-in-Christ, Emily, who has donated one of her gorgeous Hazel & May bracelets! She surprised me with a beautiful bracelet after my mom passed, with her favorite color, and it is one of my favorite pieces to wear! Her FB is here, https://www.facebook.com/hazelandmay/?fref=ts.

I am so very grateful for the donations and these sweet girls coming along side of us! Truly living out Romans 12:5 which says, “so we, though many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another.” We appreciate your selflessness and thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


Mark it on your calendars and get excited!!


Our WHY?

This decision to adopt has sincerely been at work for the last two years but we just didn’t know it. This may be very long but if you’re interested in knowing how we got here, read on!

In September of 2014, we found out that we were expecting a baby and SO excited! Truly, we wanted this baby so bad that our hearts ached and we were so thankful to be pregnant. Then the bleeding began. We rushed to the E.R., were told I was miscarrying and given Percocet for the pain that would inevitably come. Well things never progressed so we were back and forth with blood draws and doctor’s appointments. I mean it when I say, our midwives were stumped and I was sent to a specialist to evaluate a few potential serious issues. After a few weeks of being poked, prodded and under the impression the pregnancy was no longer viable, we were given a miracle – we saw his heartbeat! What a HUGE blessing! However, we were still seeing a high-risk doctor and I was put on strict bedrest (with TWO small kids at home – HA!!) and we were given the bleak news that we likely wouldn’t carry to term and if we did, he may have some health problems.

October, many of you know, my mom passed away. Following one of the most beautiful months of miracles, was the most difficult time of my life. I’ve said this before, but the night she died, I begged God to not let her die in vain, that ONE person would come to know and love Jesus because of her death. I knew that He could and would use her life for His glory.

In April, we were blessed with another son. He did not come easily. Looking back, his pregnancy was so different than our other children’s. None is more amazing than the other, but we struggled so deeply during his pregnancy. There were some complications during his delivery that could have ended up terrible but God wrote his story and it ended so beautifully. It was a daily choice to trust that God loved him more than we did and he was watching over and protecting him. We experienced so many valleys and so many peaks, it just made his birth and the life that we are blessed with even more incredible a story.

Mervyn and I had tossed around the topic of adopting for a while but I don’t believe either of our hearts were truly turned toward it. We started really considering the (to be transparent) pros and cons of it and what it would mean for our family. I found myself praying for God to SPEAK clearly to our hearts and reveal His will to us. One afternoon, I was sitting alone on the floor in the office reading my mom’s dog-eared devotional, missing her and sobbing, when God spoke gently to my heart. I could feel him whispering, “My Child, that heartbreak you have, the hard reality that You. Are. Motherless., is felt by millions of my precious children. Some have felt the affection of a mother and no longer have it and others have never known that love. But you know their hurt and it’s time for you to move.”

This turned my eyes and my heart outward and I realized that through Christ, Mervyn and I could recreate the relationship I didn’t have by extending it to our children. Ah. That settled it for us. We were in! I realized that the broken-hearted prayer I made on the hospital room floor was going to be satisfied. That life I begged God to bring to Him through her would be our future child, Lord willing.

In the same way that the difficulty of Edison’s pregnancy and birth made for such a deeply cherished time for our family, we believe the same for this life that will be joining our family. This is not going to be easy. We have seen the beauty and the trials with adoption firsthand within our family but we know that in the end, this struggle will be sweet. Our faith will be tested, our marriage will be tested, our finances will be tested but we know that where there is God, there is a way and He will provide!


Jes, this is a beautiful way to turn a devastating loss into an amazing gift. I am praying that God matches you with a little one that needs you and Mervyn the most, and that the journey has more highs than lows, and most of all, I’m praying for your heart to feel peace after losing your momma. I am sorry that you have had to feel the pain of losing her. I wish I could help ease your heartache somehow. Remember that although she is gone from this earth, she isn’t gone from you forever, and that she is still there, guiding and supporting you from behind the scenes and I bet she is really proud of the woman you have become.


Jess, your mommy I know is so proud of you. You and Mervyn are amazing people. The child god will give you going to be special and a very lucky and blessed child. Love you all.


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