Philippians 1:3

This blog has been on my heart for quite a while but every time I sit down to write it, I fail to convey what’s on my mind. But I shall persevere!

Our little man has not had a “typical” orphan life. He is a Hait*an citizen and he is considered an “orphan” in the technical sense but he is so far from that label. See, E was brought to the States when he was young to receive medical care. An incredible group of folks came upon this little person seizing in a crib mercilessly and decided to pursue for him care here. When they brought him to the U.S. (which is a whole, long story in itself), they sought out a host family to accommodate him for approximately 30 days. An email was sent and, in faith, out stepped R and L.

These two had just sent their youngest child off to college when this opportunity presented itself. They knew nothing about what this little person would need or what his care would entail but they were obedient to the call of God. A 30 day recovery plan has spanned two and a half years thus far.

I write this because, though this season is joyous for Mervyn and me, this is the closing of a chapter for R and L. Going into this, they were aware and reminded themselves often that this was temporary but E has known and called them mama and dada for two and a half years. They have woken up with him in the middle of the night, tucked him into bed, picked up hair from his first haircut, changed diapers, fed bottles, taken him to the E.R., navigated seizures, advocated for therapy, cried with, prayed over, fought for. They have fiercely loved this boy and E loves them just as deeply.

E has had a childhood not known to 99% of orphaned children. While this is ultimately owed to God, it is also credited in large part to the care that he has received from his mama and dada. Which is where my blog dilemma has stemmed from — how do you put into words the gratitude you have to people you credit for saving your child’s life? It is nearly impossible.

Philippians 1:3 says “Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God.” I come to our village, those that have prayed for E since before we knew his name, and ask that you begin praying for the hearts of R, L and their children. Though they have prepared for this, the transition will not be without some heaviness. My hope is that the prayer is felt and it helps to ease their hearts during this next part. Our lives are woven, God has written our story and we are honored to do life with them. This isn’t goodbye, in any way, it’s simply a new season.

Kathy Magill

OMG you are killing me, beautiful but sad. I will be praying for all involved during this time.


Part Three

November 1- We are invited out to meet the little person. 

November 13- We travelled to meet and spend five days with him/her. 

This trip changed our lives. We decided to take Edison so that we could attempt to get a feel for life with both little ones. On one hand, they were doing their due diligence and feeling us out and on the other, we were trying to decide whether we could see life this way. It wasn’t easy, by any means, this life God is calling us to us drastically different than what we imagined and that was frightening. 

November 21- The foundation owner graciously invited our family to meet him and spend time with our potential child in Hawaii. 

Yes, you read that right. This process has been quite insane. To say traditional Haiti adoptions aren’t like this is an understatement. A HUGE understatement. 

January 02- Travelled to Hawaii to spend six days with the foundation folks, the foster family and the little one. 

January 02- We arrived in Hawaii at 11pm Arizona time and immediately went to meet up with R, L and the sweetie! My big kids got to meet him/her for the first time and my heart was overjoyed! It was love at first sight. They were smitten, so were Mervyn and I. 

It was like that moment, when you go home from the hospital after giving birth, and your family is together. You know it’s going to be hard, you know it’s going to take a lot of adjusting, you know it’s going to involve some  tears and difficulty but you breathe a sigh of relief because your family is together. That’s how my heart felt. My family was together

We had a really great time getting to know the people that have loved and cared so fiercely for this child. I will get into more specifics later, but what we feel we owe to them for what they have done for this little one would take a lifetime to repay. 

January 11- We FaceTimed with R and L and through tears, were officially asked to be Mommy and Daddy….. and through tears, we answered YES! This day and time will be burned into my memory forever. I became a Mommy of four. There has been no greater joy

January 19- The two foundation folks we initially met in October, flew out for the day to meet with us again. We went over paperwork, what we had done and had not done (which was a lot!). They told us there was a tiny possibility to “host” this little person while our adoption finalized and asked if that’s something we’d be interested in doing, to which we replied YES!! 

Since January 19, we started and completed our Dossier, applied for our I800 and have made travel plans and appointments. 

So all of this leads up to say, in a few short weeks, we will unofficially become a family of SIX as we wait for it to become official. We will be “fostering” our little person in the interim for the paperwork to finalize. We expected a 3-5 year process but God saw our family unit three years ago and has given us an incredible gift. We are truly humbled and honored to get the opportunity to love this child. We’d like to ask that you continue praying for our family. We know that we have been set apart to be Mommy and Daddy to this specific kiddo but there will be many, many highs and lows for all of us. Navigating the addition of any child to a family is already a sensitive feat but one with high needs will be a HUGE learning curve for every one of us. Please be praying that God will give us the strength we need, when we need it and He will allow us to be loving and longsuffering with one another as we adjust.

Now, without further adieu, because I know this is the reason you all have stuck around with these blogs;)Mervyn and I are honored to introduce our new son, E.

[...] Our little man has not had a “typical” orphan life. He is a Hait*an citizen and he is considered an “orphan” in the technical sense but he is so far from that label. See, E was brought to the States when he was young to receive medical care. An incredible group of folks came upon this little person seizing in a crib mercilessly and decided to pursue for him care here. When they brought him to the U.S. (which is a whole, long story in itself), they sought out a host family to accommodate him for approximately 30 days. An email was sent and, in faith, out stepped R and L. [...]


Part Two

October 7- I emailed to inquire about the child advocated for on the blog. 

Through this exchange of emails, we learned this Haitian child was actually in the United States on a medical visa. He/She was staying with a foster family and was deeply loved and cared for. I emailed back and forth with L, his/her foster momma, for a few days. 

October 12- We FaceTimed with the foster parents after all of the children were put to bed for the evening. We spoke with them for about two hours. It came easy. They were enjoyable, warm, loving. We ended our conversation by praying together. 

Mervyn and I both agreed we’d like to pursue this little one. Many families had inquired about him/her and they were weeding those out that may not be the right fit. We prayed we were but ultimately prayed for what was best for him/her. God knew the forever family and we submitted our family to Him.  

October 20- Two key members from the foundation that sponsored the little person’s visa and medical care flew out to meet with us. We dined with them for three hours. These two special indivuals were actively apart of this child’s rescue. They shared with us a video of his/her first year of life. It was such an honor to see it. I cried, with strangers, in the middle of a fancy restaurant. It was felt so deeply in my heart. 

After this visit, L sent me a 3-4 page questionnaire from the foundation folks. They asked that we answer it in narrative format. We began working on that. 

Throughout this time, we’re still consistently in prayer for God’s direction. 

October 29- The foster parents, R and L, came to Arizona to visit with us (without the little person). We had decided to meet at our home at 1pm on Saturday, spend the afternoon getting to know one another, attend church together, and end the evening at our home again. However, God, in all His glory, allowed us to run in to one another at Walmart in the morning! Ha! This was such a mercy move because it allowed us the chance to calm our nerves!

November 1- We are invited out to meet this amazing child. 

[...] family to accommodate him for approximately 30 days. An email was sent and, in faith, out stepped R and [...]


Part One

July 15- Submitted our application for the Haiti program with Children of All Nations. 

July 21- Approved for the program! Woohoo! 

August 11- Contract scanned. First payment made. 

September 24- Home Study process started. We enjoyed two lengthy visits from a social worker and put our home study packet together, which included legal documents, interviews, physicals, letters of reference, FBI clearances etc. 

October 4- Our first mailer was received by our agency which included the home study documents and draft.

October 5- The Day

To gain a community, I joined a few adoption FB groups and followed a couple of adoption blogs. It was helpful and encouraging to see other families that had walked the path we were beginning. One night, while putting Edison to sleep, I came across a post that was advocating for a waiting child

In the adoption world, there are typically two “tracks” of adoption, a healthy child and a waiting child track. A child can be considered a healthy child by having no known special needs, a young child/toddler/baby, no siblings. A waiting child can be classified as so by having special needs (ranging from attachment disorder to HIV to missing a limb), an older child, sibling sets.

This blog… changed my heart. I knew going into this, God would sanctify us but I had no idea He would begin that work this way. After reading this blog post, I forwarded it to Mervyn without saying a word. Those that know us are probably aware Mervyn is more level headed than I am and I am more emotionally driven than he is; nothing wrong with either, we balance one another out but because of that levelheadedness, I expected a very general, vague response. He responded to my message with “Is (he/she) able to be adopted??!!” This blog was over a year old so we prayed about it and two days later, I emailed to inquire about him/her. 

Tabitha Terry

Awh! I love this so much, can not wait to read the next part of this beautiful journey. God has always known the plan and we are so excited to see what He has planned for your growing family.


Follow us to Haiti

There has been a lot of silence on our part and for that, we apologize. We haven’t had much that we could share, that’s not to say we haven’t wanted to but the timing hasn’t been right… until now.

Let me start this blog series off by, first, giving our God in Heaven all the glory. He put this longing in our heart for a fourth child and He has protected and loved this child fiercely in this season of waiting. We have been blessed to see, first hand, the goodness of our Father — His sovereignty, His grace, His omniscience, His unfailing love. NONE of this would be possible without Him. None.

When we began this adoption process, we had a child in our hearts. We didn’t see a face but we dreamed of a little boy whom we would bring home in 3-5 years as the youngest child in our family. We checked our boxes on our application and homestudy for a child with a heart defect, knowing that we could handle about that. We started to talk about a name; a short list which included Zeke, Gideon, Levi, Thairee.

But like most things in life, God saw our “picture” and raised us one pretty incredible reality.


Can’t wait to follow this beautiful journey!!

Teresa Newton

I’m so excited to watch this miracle play out. I love you so much & can’t wait to welcome another Cub to our family ????