Peoria, Arizona Portrait Photographer

Ah. I’ve been photographing this family since their oldest was just a few months old! I love that they have allowed me to photograph such special moments in their lives and continue trusting me to capture great images! This time, we got together for their precious twins cake smash session and it was THE BEST! Most one year olds either really, really love their cake or ABSOLUTELY HATE it. There is no middle ground. LOL! J, their oldest daughter, LOVED her cake. These two beauties… not as much. HAHA! But we still got beautiful photos and they’ll have some cute pictures for their graduation slideshow one day.;)


Undercover Mama – GIVEAWAY!

As most of my friends and family know, breastfeeding is something SO near and dear to my heart. I’ve been breastfeeding collectively for SEVEN years and I’ve tried my fair share of breastfeeding products to make this journey easier, cuter and more enjoyable. I’ve bought my fair share of products to increase my milk supply, creams to help heal the cracked skin (SORRY GUYS WHO MIGHT BE READING THIS!), and bras or tanks to help keep the ladies comfortable. I came across this nursing tank a few months ago and was a smitten kitten! I recently ordered one and was a little nervous that what I would get wouldn’t live up to my expectations but BOY was I wrong. This tank is fan.tas.tic! I don’t know about you but one of my biggest frustrations is trying to finagle lifting and keeping a shirt up, pulling a tank top down against the straps while unhooking a nursing bra AND keeping the baby from losing their mind waiting for their milk. The Undercover Mama tank really solves that whole conundrum!

I ordered a size small. I am not going to lie, I was PANICKED by their sizing chart because I am NOT a fan of tight-fitting clothes and I initially wanted to order a medium or large, but based off of their chart, I’m a small. I decided to just go with the small and I’m really pleased with the fit. It’s not overly tight but it isn’t big (stretched out) like my other tank tops that fit more bulky. A size small fit perfect.Here I am demonstrating the two ways to wear this tank. You can thread the hook though your nursing bra, like so…… or you can loop the little band completely around the bra hook. I have no preference and I’ve been alternating to try and figure out which I like more, but I like them both equally!Finally, this is a photo of me nursing my sweet little man at his shark themed (insert full on heart eyes) Cake Smash session! He haaaaated the entire thing and I had to boob him down a bit.;)But notice how the tank top is staying put at the bottom, which I LOVE, and you don’t see any extra straps being pulled to the breaking point from under my sleeveless shirt.


Now that I’ve told you just how much I ADORE this tank, how about we celebrate my little Edison turning ONE and GIVE ONE AWAY!!

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What a great idea. I would either want white or the pink color for fun :)


I’ve had my eye on these tanks for a while! Would love to win a white one.

Jessica Wittwer

Thus looks amazing. I want one!


These are awesome! Love the grey and the polka dots!


Thanks for the heads up on the nursing tank, Jessica!!


Phoenix, Arizona Senior Photographer

This sweet mama was SO excited to have both of her boys in the same place, dressed up and smiling for the camera that she had me snap one of them on her phone! <3 We got some Senior photos of her graduating guy and also grabbed a bunch of great family pictures! 


Phoenix, Arizona Senior Photographer

This young guy is a graduating high school Senior. He’s a DOUBLE BLACK BELT in MMA and trained with THREE weapons. I joked that he was almost all of the Ninja Turtles in ONE (I’m a mom to a four year old… I’m in the throws of TMNT, okay). He’s such a sweet kid and he’s got some big plans! Congrats Nick and good luck!


Peoria, Arizona Family Photographer

This little sweetie, or as her momma refers to her, Butterball, is turning TWO! Hard to believe I’ve been photographing this family since before this little angel was even thought about. What a joy that is! And no two year session would be complete without at least ONE photo of a tantrum.;)