Peoria, Arizona Maternity Photographer

Meet the Baca family! I was so fortunate to photograph their wedding and was SO excited to get to photograph this special time in their lives too! They are such a FUN couple and their sweet daughter, S, is such a beautiful kiddo! Congratulations to this precious family of almost FOUR! <3


Glendale, Arizona Portrait photographer

You might remember this sweet couple from my Christmas Minis! They are such a great pair and so much fun to be around! Mrs. Kayla won the FREE mini session from the ‘Caption This’ contest and I was so excited to get to hang out with them again while getting some great images for their upcoming wedding anniversary! Thanks for entering (and winning!) and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!


I’m loving these pictures ???? can’t stop looking at them!!


Phoenix, Arizona High School Senior Photographer

Oh man! This girl was SUPER photogenic and made this job a little too easy! Meet Mia – a phenomenal dancer at my daughters studio. I was so excited to get to shoot her Senior photos and when we discussed the look she wanted, I was pretty stoked because I love this type of location. My husband jokes that I would shoot in the back of a Safeway if I could and he’s RIGHT! I love it! I couldn’t narrow down her sneak peek to 3-4 images so I didn’t try! 


To the Motherless on Mother’s Day

An open letter to the Motherless on Mother’s Day,

I see you. Quickening your pace to pass the Mother’s Day cards that pop-up in all aisles of the grocery store.

I see you. Scrolling past the, what seems like, millionth Facebook post showcasing a happy mommy/daughter date to celebrate the day.

I see you. Quietly wiping away tears at the end of a hard day.

I see you. Cringing as you listen to a dear friend vent about something her mom said or did.

I see you. Watching your sister with her children, your heart broken that you have yet to give birth.

I see you. Staring into the eyes of your own children, wishing that for even a moment, your Mother could see you with them.

I see you. And you are not alone.

Mother’s Day is a double edged sword for some of us, whether by death or life, we are Mother-less. We have lost a mother, we have lost a child, we have yet to meet our child, we have broken hearts. This day serves as a reminder to many of us of just how much we are missing and is a day of deep longing. There will be no gentle kisses, no phone calls, no tender hugs, no cards, no flowers, no giggles.

My first instinct on days like today is to hole up. To be honest, I battled myself with whether to even make Mother’s Day gifts for the women in my life. I debated turning down invitations to just stay home and allow myself to be alone in my hurt. But I know my mom wouldn’t have wanted that. All who knew her, know she was a woman of extreme love. She had this beautiful ability to make everyone feel like a friend. She was purposeful and genuine in her relationships. I have a lot to learn from her but she is a wonderful example of putting others before myself. I often refer to Hosea 14:4, “Love them freely” when speaking of her. Because she did just that.

On this day, let us remember that we are God’s hands and feet and, through Christ, are able to recreate the relationships we long to have with others. We can experience the unconditional love, the tenderness, the grace, the comfort by extending them to those around us. That is a beautiful realization for me this year. I can experience what I’m missing by extending it to others.

God has put this nurturing spirit inside of us. So this Mother’s Day, let us use that to bring encouragement and joy to someone who may need it. Do you have a friend battling this war of infertility? Do you have a friend that is celebrating this Mother’s Day without her own Mother? Is there someone in your church with a wayward child? If so, allow the Holy Spirit to work through you, and be a source of comfort for her. Send her a text. Bring her a flower. Give her a hug. Let her know that YOU SEE HER and that she is not in this day alone.